The real Reasons why these Dishes have French Names

The food eye candy episode of Parts Unknown is undoubtedly Quebec. The French classics, Canadian staples, maple syrup twists and Pakistani artisans are the stars of this food romance. And of course, nothing makes food sound more romantic than giving it a French name. In my unfettered opinion, some of the featured dish names are better left untranslated. Here is why.

1. Choucroute Garnie a l’Alsacienne

Alsatian braised Sauerkraut with mixed meats and sausages deserves no translation because of it’s delicate combination of moist lean cuts and buttery tender cuts.


2. Lievre a la Royale

Cuz no one wants to see “wild hare in a sauce of its own blood” on the menu


3. Foie Gras

Liver of a duck or goose fattened by force-feeding corn with a feeding tube. Sorry didn’t mean to bury the lead here.


4. Beef Tartare

Way fancier sounding than “Raw Ground Beef”


5. Ris de Veau Truffle

Veal sweet breads with truffle – ok I gotta admit; this one is a toss-up


6. La Toutiere

This Canadian meat pie dish originating from the Quebec province need not be translated so that tourists don’t feel bad about overpaying for – well – a meat pie.


7. Oeuffs en Gelee

Eggs in Aspic: Gelatin is used to encase poached eggs in a delicate consomme. No need to translate because no one is asking.


8. Arctic Char Gravlax

Cuz not every fancy sounding food is French. This one is in fact a Nordic (Swedish) dish consisting of raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar and dill. Oh and we have a name for it – Lox – sorry


9. Gateau Marjolaine

Last but not least – A cream and fruit layered cake created and self named by Marjolaine himself, a French restaurateur, considered to be the father of French modern cuisine.


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